Energy equipment for NPPs
  • Generators and ancillary systems for NPPs. Upgrading and maintenance of existing generators and ancillary systems
  • Generator excitation systems
  • Back-up diesel generator power plants and spares for them. Diesel generators for NPP emergency power supply systems
  • Pumps and spares
  • Fittings and spares
  • Circulating overhead cranes and spares
  • Sealing materials
  • Radiation-resistant video cameras, industrial video observation systems and spares
  • Non-destructive monitoring systems. Spares for eddy-current monitoring for the examination and inspection of the reactor vessel
  • Supports for NPP pipework and systems for protecting pipes from seismic events and vibrations
  • Castings and forgings
  • Flow technology – pumps for NPPs
Generators and ancillary systems for NPPs. Upgrading and maintenance of existing generators and ancillary systems.

Inkla Trading & Engineering GmbH supplies equipment for the generation of electricity, including generators of 1000 MW power and over that are certified for use at NPPs, for various types of reactor, including the VVER-1000. Advanced technologies and high levels of reliability and safety are the number one factors for our company. The specifications of the generators and ancillary systems we supply fully meet international standards. In developing designs and supplying generators we meet all requirements of the customer and of power stations by developing the most successful designs for generators in the 6 to 1100 MW power range. We develop designs for the upgrading of generators and enhancement of their power rating, and we also offer generator and ancillary system repair services.

To meet generator upgrading requirements we take the specifications of the original generator and offer customers a high-tech upgrading programme based on our technical calculations and innovations.

Generator excitation systems

Inkla supplies static excitation systems for synchronous electrical machinery and load control systems using pulsed signals, protective relays, electrical measuring instruments and information processing systems.

We supply complex system designs for the nuclear industry sector. Our main attention is concentrated on products and services that increase work efficiency, the level of safety and the reliability of the operating process and shorten the time set aside for maintenance work at the plant.

The range of our services extends to all system life cycles. We offer competent designs from the creation of new systems to regular technical servicing and upgrading aimed at increasing equipment service life and also at raising the quality of work. We offer the following services:

  • Design and development
  • Manufacture and testing
  • Installation, tuning, commissioning and servicing of electronic devices and systems, including excitation systems, transducers, rectifiers, protective relays, measurement devices, pulse monitoring systems, process control systems and information and communication technologies
Backup diesel power stations and spares. Diesel generators for NPP emergency electric power supply systems

Inkla Trading & Engineering GmbH is involved in supplies of diesel generators and spares and other power generation equipment. All products supplied by us meet the ISO international standard.

At the present time the company is engaged in supplying new stationary diesel units of up to 10 MW power, as well as spares and replacement parts for diesel engines and all ancillary devices. Inkla GmbH offers a wide range of services:

  • refitting
  • upgrading and extension of service life for diesel engines, generators, compressors, pumps and other equipment of diesel generator units
  • full major overhaul, preventive overhaul and technical servicing may be carried out on site or in partner-company workshops which are equipped with all necessary maintenance and test equipment.
Pumps and spares

The range of equipment supplied by Inkla extends to the supply of centrifugal pumps, feed pumps and ancillary devices and hot and cold water high-pressure pumps to cover for an emergency reactor shutdown.

Inkla Trading & Engineering GmbH supplies the necessary spares and offers upgrading and service life extension services for operating pumps.

Pipe valve fittings and spares

Inkla supplies a wide range of pipe valve fittings to cut off, protect and control flow of a medium in power generation.

All equipment operating under pressure is subject to hydrostatic and functional testing and also to testing to detect leaks. Inkla GmbH can perform gas, cryogenic and the most advanced functional tests and tests of seismic stability for pipe valve fittings installed at NPP power units.

The equipment to be supplied has industrial standard and working practice certificates including ASME, NQA-1, RCC-M, OTT 87, IEEE, ISO, API, TUV and ATEX. All tests on materials of items include non-destructive monitoring methods, chemical analysis and mechanical testing.

Decisions on spares for fittings are based on use of authentic spares and experience of supplies. The high level of competence of the company’s specialists means that Inkla offers its customers the option of developing technical servicing strategies, upgrading projects and extending equipment service life.

Inkla’s supplies cover the following goods:

  • Butterfly valves ((with triple eccentricity, cut-off and control types)
  • Angle stop valves
  • Throttle valves
  • Steam attemperator valves
  • Pulse safety systems for NPPs
  • Pulse safety systems
  • Spring-type safety valves
  • Check valves with power drive
  • Butterfly check valves
  • Ball valves
  • Parallel-seat gate valves

Circulating overhead cranes and spares for them

Through its team of experienced engineers, Inkla Trading & Engineering GmbH provides a high level of flexibility to meet the customer’s needs and expectations.

Inkla supplies spare parts and offers services relating to the upgrading of electrical circulating overhead cranes for NPPs.

Sealing materials

Inkla Trading & Engineering GmbH supplies high-quality sealing materials and items for power generation. The range of products supplied takes in an extensive assortment of sealing materials designed to seal primary circuit fittings and pumps.

Range of goods: gland packings, sealing sets and flange packings operating under the most severe conditions, metal gaskets, high-quality metal seals, hydraulic components, sealing cuffs, bearing insulators, mechanical seals, pneumatic seals, thermal expansion compensators.

Radiation-resistant video observation systems

Inkla offers design and manufacturing services for electronic systems and their components for use in unfavourable ambient conditions with high levels of radioactivity, such as for example radiation-resistant reactor vessel video observation and monitoring systems operating under severe conditions.

Our company supplies radiation-resistant equipment and industrial TV and radiation condition monitoring systems for NPPs. Timely detection of leaks and other faults in the functioning of equipment located in enclosed rooms has always been an important part of ensuring the safe operation of nuclear power generation facilities, and following the accident at the Fukushima NPP, continuous remote monitoring has taken on particular significance.

The radiation protection technologies we supply, which are used in well-lit, compact radiation-resistant chambers, are protected by patents and are passed for use in maximum design accident conditions.

Besides radiation-resistant chambers, our company supplies special dosimeters. When they are set up in the main equipment zones of an NPP, the process of measurement of the accumulated dose takes place over the course of several years. Use of dosimeter information data enables proof to be provided to the nuclear regulator of the potential to extend the service life of important equipment. The systems supplied have demonstrated good reliability and simplicity of operation.

Non-destructive monitoring systems. Spares for eddy-current monitoring systems for the viewing and inspection of reactor vessel walls

Inkla Trading & Engineering GmbH offers engineering support and performs investigations of NPP power units, maintenance and special investigations and provides consultation services at all stages of implementation of NPP construction projects. Inkla has continuous programmes for supply, design, development and manufacture of equipment, instruments, steam generator tube monitoring and plugging and transducers, including software and instruments for non-destructive monitoring.

Inkla specialists develop programmes for remote investigation and servicing of equipment at NPPs with pressurised water reactors, namely reactor vessels, nuclear reactor vessel tops, tube sets of steam generators and other equipment, including the supply of robots/manipulators, computerised information systems, control desks, non-destructive monitoring methodologies, various types of eddy-current monitoring transducers, mechanical pipe plugs, pipe plugging systems and plug removal.

Inkla is able to meet requirements for and select optimal designs for specific needs. Engineering designs are fully adapted to suit the customer’s requests. We can offer the following designs for non-destructive monitoring technology:

  • Eddy-current monitoring
  • Far zone field monitoring
  • Magnetic field energy leak
  • Laser ultrasonics
  • Standard ultrasound monitoring
  • Ultrasound investigation using the phased lattices method
  • Air ultrasound
  • Diffraction-time monitoring method
  • Thermal analysis
  • Electromagnetic transducer
Supports for NPP pipework and pipe protection systems against seismic events and vibrations

For NPP pipework we supply supports which absorb thermal expansion and compression caused by high-pressure steam, as well as systems that protect pipes from seismic events and vibrations.

Existing ASME certification allows us to offer pipe supports on the nuclear power market.

Castings and forgings

In the field of stamping and forging manufacture, Inkla Trading & Engineering GmbH supplies verified, high-quality and innovative products, while maintaining traditions and enriching them with modern technological innovations.

With open die forging using presses of between 35 and 90 MN and super-high-power manipulators, the potential is available to machine ingots weighing up to 200 t.

Flow technology – pumps for NPPs:

The casings and impellers of pumps supplied by the company are manufactured from water-resistant white iron, high-alloy duplex and super-duplex material and Niresist with special physical and chemical properties. All ready-made components are manufactured from wear-resistant martensitic and austenitic steel in line with the requirements of nuclear industry rules and standards (NIRS).